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WordPress-Market.com is a company that is made to provide premium WordPress Themes Plugins at low prices. We also provide website monitoring services to our customer just make sure and to give them an alert about their site performance. SSL certificates validity, domain expiration, website vulnerabilities are other services that provided in website monitoring by WordPress-Market.

Product Warranty:

If you are looking for any the help in setting up or even configuring your WordPress Themes Plugins, then you should please first check the documentation and FAQs of the extension. Your question will be answered in a short time span. If not, then you are allowed to submit the ticket. They are not involved in giving out the general WordPress support.

As by the nature of our repository, we do not give out with any the support or technical support for themes, or the plugins, or Woo-commerce extensions. If you are in search of any the premium support, then we charge for $ 15 per hour. We will solve all kinds of the problems. The balance is somehow refundable if we can solve your problem.

We do have the complete set of information as to when you will be opening the account and get yourself register on the website. You can place upon with your order as for the products or services. By getting in touch with us, you can ask for more set of information and get in contact with our local branch.

The form of information which we have been instead collecting is about your name, as well as postal address, and also the job title, along with the email address and so as the phone number.

In this way, we would be able to contact our customers when we want to. As you would be entering any competition or the promotional form of the feature, we would be asking your personal information such as ask for your name, plus the postal address, as well as email address and phone number.

Also, they do considerably collect the information related to how you will be using the website as in the conditions of the cookies. Cookies are known as the forms of codes that are made up of the letters and numbers.

Above all, there are some more terms and conditions which you can apply as you would be opening the account or even at the time as you would be taking part in any competition. Make sure you read out all the terms and conditions being part of it.


  • The information which you provide to us is used for the below-mentioned purposes:
  • We do make the use of data to order and manage your account.
  • Apart from it we also provide the information as related to the personalized online experiences plus the provision of tailored communications.
  • It would let us keep the records accurate.

We are giving out the principal terms of attention as in managing the privacy of the customers over the side of the paramount level. They are also conscious on top of the fact that the data which they have collected is preferably by the data protection laws that are being applied on top of the international level.

This category of the privacy policy as all together with rest of the cookies policy would let you explain that how we make the use of any information which we instead collect from you. We do put together as to form the part of our terms related to the business.

We have been working in the nation for the last so many years. It does come up in providing with the plugin services like 24 hours a day to service access.

We do deal with our customers with the services that are perfect to be meant for the plugin need. You need to get in contact with us, and we will quote you for longer distances. We do feel the pride in the fact that we are giving our customers out with the prompt and friendly services.

With the passage of time, according to the comfort zone level of the customers, we keep on bringing the changes in the prices and will always feel happy to give you a quote.

We do come up in providing with the excellent services for the customers as well. Our plugin service access is counted as readily one of the best facilities in the town all over the world. 

If you have still not taken the enjoyable services of WordPress, then without any single delay be the first to have your contact with us right now!

Since the last so many years we are best in providing you with the full range of service category timeline at the premium level. We are known in the market as regarding giving you out with the high standard of excellence services that is unmatched by our competitors.

We not just deal you out with the services which you desire to have, but we make sure that our services are standing according to the care zone as well.

We have the expert and professional team of the customer service who are involved in dealing out with the standard plugin services.

Our experts – are fully aware of the best routes that would enable you to reach your helping hand on time without any delay easily. We do make the availing use of the GPS service technology to make our service easy enough.

We do come up with the team of the mare operators as well that adds our business name with the height of most fair and reputable status measurements.

We are undergoing the high level of the background check and regular sum of training for keeping up the latest best practice services in our custody.

Our offered service is one of the most comfortable and best dependable services we are offering out. Apart from it, we do have the high range of quality services in the provision of the second plugin provision services too.

Hence we just come up with the employment of the aggressive maintenance schedule so that we can assure that the plugin checking is in top performance.

We are sure that after reading out the detail enlist of our primary services, you would be giving a thought in mind to try our services! Contact us now!

You can get complete know-how about the plugin categories since the time you will be visiting our website. Undergoing the process is rather simple and easy for you to carry out. In the range of the plug-in service,

our support center would be meeting up with you at all using the arrivals gate with your name on a board. We are all involved in the services where we would monitoring the whole of your help. 

Our service is being included in the timeline mode of the monitoring as well. In the service, we have the professional team of customer support center by which you can get all the details and will assist you with your queries as well. 

You do have the complete freedom as for where you can change the prices as across the whole UK. Moreover, the customer deals are often stored in the admin area for the future marketing concerns.

Plus, you can choose the plugin categories of your own choices. You can add options to your system with the complete details about them.

WordPress-Market.com Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance Statement Contents:

  • GDPR and Data Collection
  • Types of Data collected
  • Is all the data (Personal information) secured?
  • How to access data to make changes and to delete it?
  • About Us

GDPR and Data Collection:

On 25th may 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect which replaces all the Laws that is followed by European Data Protection. These new GDPR Laws strengthen the rights to data protection all over Europe.

This new General Data Protection Regulation gives you more control over how you let a company like WordPress-Market.com use your personal data.

It is particularly made to protect an important type of data that include your Email address, Name and IP address (Personal Data).

When your data will be collected it will tell you from where we collect the data and where we can use it.

Types of Data Collected:

Whenever a user or visitor customer visits our site we collected followings types data.

Personal Data:  This data includes the email address, password or IP address. This data is collected on signing up at our site.

Processing of Data: It is necessary for the contract that has been made between you and us, furthermore it enables WordPress-Market to provide you its services for which contract has been made.

The reason behind Collecting the Data: Your Personal Data has been collected to provide you a secure login by creating your personal account on WordPress-Market.com.

When we can use your data: We use the visitor data only to inform you about our new services or to provide assistance related to your account at this site.

Is all the Data is secured?

There is a number of steps and measures that we follow to make it sure that your account and personal data is secured and away from the unauthorized use or access. Despite technological measure, we also have a skilled and trained team for data security. The team has a contract and provides assurance on not disclosing any personal data out.

How one can access his account to make changes or to delete?

Every User has its right to access his personal data on any time available on this site. If one thinks that his provided information is not right or entered by mistake then he has full access to his data to make changes even if you want to delete the data you have full right and can do this at any time.

All the data including personal information and others is the one which you can access at any time to delete or make any kind of change.

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WordPress Themes Plugins

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