New Camera Lets Creator Mint NFTs

A new app from AirWire allows people to create NFTs in under one minute, while also providing a host of other conveniences, its CEO says.

Earlier this week AirWire officially launched the NFT Camera App with a double wallet and an integrated NFT marketplace. Using AirWire’s Level 2 chain, content creators can mint NFTs from their smartphones at reduced rates and in some cases for free.

“We’ve developed a full and complete suite around NFTs,” AirWire founder and CEO Ken DiCross said. “It’s as simple as take a picture, mint it in 15 seconds, and sell or keep it private. We took down the barrier to entry and fixed many of the problems that other NFT marketplaces are experiencing.”

Tobe Nwigwe, an independent rap artist and actor, has also partnered with AirWire to promote his MONUMINTAL Tour. He has more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram and millions of views on Youtube, and his career got a nice boost when former First Lady Michelle Obama put his song “I’m Dope” on her workout playlist. In 2020, Nwigwe went viral on digital platforms for his song “I Need You To (Breonna Taylor)”.  Nwigwe is slated to appear. in the next instalment of the Transformers movie franchise.

Airwave’s features include the camera, an NFT marketplace, a simple minting process that requires no coding from the minter, and low or no minting charges. Users also have access via AirWire’s decentralized NFT Media Storage. They can enhance their assets with editing tools and premium filters which are available on the platform.

The marketplace will also host NFTs from all major chains, AirWire pledged. The platform built a horizontal scaling model that can handle the collective volume of those chains. NFTs can also be traded cross-chain at the peer-to-peer level.

AirWire can be downloaded at the Google Play store.