Integrated Business Finance Platform Tide Partners with Adyen

Tide has partnered with payments platform Adyen.

Tide is an integrated business platform that connects to a business bank account helping firms with the financial management.  Tide says it has selected Adyen as its first partner within the payment acceptance space. Tide will allow members to accept card payments from customers via a Tide Payment Links. Adyen will provide the technology for the Tide Payment Links.

Mark Hazzard, VP of Financial Services at Tide said that Adyen’s technology and expertise in the payment acceptance sector makes them confident they will be able to offer members a great way to accept card payments.

“We know that as a result of the pandemic, the use of cash has been in steeper decline, and it is important that small businesses have options available for their customers to make payments. Accepting card payments can be difficult and expensive for one-man-bands such as freelancers and contractors, Tide Payment Links will be a simple option to add to invoices and we hope it will help small business owners to get paid more quickly. We look forward to introducing many more payment acceptance products to Tide members in due course, offering a wide array of options for small businesses to receive payments.”

Colin Neil, Managing Director of Adyen UK stated:

“We’re very excited to partner with Tide to extend their business banking offering for small businesses. We value the opportunity of teaming up with a forward-thinking financial technology company by enabling Tide members to streamline their payments set up, and further improve businesses efficiencies.”