Kentucky-based First National Bank of Manchester (FNBM) has selected Finastra’s core banking solution Fusion Phoenix.

FNBM says the upgrade is essential for attracting a younger generation of account holders

According to the vendor, the US bank selected Fusion Phoenix due to its ability to integrate emerging technologies through its open developer platform

It says this platform, along with the firm’s FusionStore, will give the bank the ability to onboard new services from third party fintechs and take advantage of trends and opportunities.

Fusion Phoenix — built on Microsoft technology and residing in the tech giant’s Azure cloud — will link up with other Finastra software already in place at the bank, including Fusion Digital Banking, Fusion LaserPro and Fusion CreditQuest.

Finastra claims this connectivity will provide a holistic view of the bank’s customers, including account holder exposure, contact history, loan balances and account alerts allowing FNBM to better tailor its services and products.

FNBM CTO, Jacob Grier, says the upgrade to its core banking system is essential for attracting a younger generation of account holders who demand “an authentic multi-channel experience which can only be delivered with modern banking services”.

Finastra senior vice president and general manager of Americas field operations, Chris Zingo, syas his firm has made “bold moves” to ensure financial institutions can “future-proof” their technology investments.