Creator-inspired fintech Superjoi to provide financial partnerships with fans

New US fintech Superjoi wants to help content creators and influencers raise funding and share profits with their fans.

Superjoi wants to help creators share revenue with fans

The firm says creators can invite their fans into a shared platform, through which the latter can invest in their content and then split the resulting revenue.

From concept imagery on its website, Superjoi appears to connect to a range of social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, and Discord.

Users can invite their fans to fund content production in a similar way to premier membership platform Patreon.

Superjoi promises “lightning fast” payments, analytics and insights into earnings, and integration with social channels “in seconds”.

The fintech is still operating a waiting list, without a promised launch date.

Superjoi is led by a founding trio: CEO Chris Knight, chief technology officer Piotr Wolański, and chief product officer Sören Creutzburg.

Knight’s only other employment history listed on LinkedIn is “various” roles at MRCJK, a solo project management venture, which he started in September 2012.

MRCJK lists watch marketplace Clokka, watch community Wrist Hype, and sports wearable Fantom among its projects.

On his personal website, Knight cites Nike, Google, Samply, and Snapchat among his previous employers.

Wolański’s only employment listed on LinkedIn is his time at Superjoi, which he joined in August.

Creutzburg founded Berlin-based tuition and mentorship firm Genius on Demand in May 2020, and continues as its head of design.